More than 7 years uniting cities, countries and continents...

Infinity Airlines is a Spanish-speaking virtual airline, made up of people who share their experience of virtual flights with each other. Our priority is coexistence among people who share the same interests and help people who love commercial aviation.

Since our founding in 2012, we have grown slowly but steadily, becoming a clear competitor to international air transport.

We are a virtual airline dedicated to all those who love flying and want to enjoy simulated, easy, and as realistic as possible flights. We try to simulate all the operations of a real airline, so you will enjoy a virtual tour of all of Spain and other international destinations. We invite you to know our Virtual company, our REGULAR FLIGHTS and the CHARTER FLIGHT options that will allow you to reach any geographical point in the Region.

¿Quieres formar parte de nuestra historia?

Somos una aerolinea virtual de habla hispana con mas de 7 años de experiencia, disponemos de una amplia flota y rutas nacionales he internaciónales, con rutas regulares y charter.

Simulamos nuestras operaciones tal como una aerolinea real, acards, notams, checklist, bases...

Buscamos pilotos que quieran vivir una gran aventura, ganas de aprender, enseñar y disfrutar la simulación aérea.

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N. Ruta Salida Llegada Distancia V/S
1004 LEMD LEPA 342.32 -283.23
1002 LEBL LEMD 260.96 -1.95
3924 LEPP LIEE 643.39 -290.63
1004 LEMD GCLA 1037.49 -31.61
1456 LFLL LEAL 159.56
2565 LIMW LEBL 400.17 -183.00
1037 LFMN LEPA 366.25 -319.81
1002 LEBL LEMD 279.82 -14.44
1001 LEMD LEBL 298.36 -181.45
2345 LIEE LEAL 499.39 -152.12